Our Story

About Sweet Equations

Sweet Equations founder, Sade, has always been passionate about baking cakes. Some of her earliest memories are of baking cakes in her Easy Bake Oven. One holiday, Sade found herself in a dessert dilemma. She couldn’t decide whether to have a slice of cake or a handful of candies as an after dinner treat at a holiday party. So, she decided to break the rules and have her cake…and candy too! She topped a slice of vanilla cake with a few chocolate coated candies and realized that cake is even better with a touch of candy. In fact, any dessert is better when your favorite ingredients unite. With inspiration and a bit of gutso, she started to design delicious and decadent cakes topped with classic candies to share with the world. Cakes and dessert should be fun and comprised of the sweets that bring you joy!


Fresh Ingredients

Each cake is made with the freshest ingredients and a dash of fun. At Sweet Equations, we believe in quality and crafting desserts with a high “yum factor.” We take our time with each cake, so that it is special for you. When you bite into a Sweet Equations cake, you know you are getting the very best.

We work together with our customers and so we are able to create beautiful and amazing creations that surely brings positive vibes and sweet satisfaction.

The Joy of Candy

We add to the sweetness of life and dessert time by crafting each cake with exciting candies. Now you can have your cake and favorite candy too! If you aren’t a fan of candies, have no fear…we created some old school cakes that are just the basics.